At Websites Direct To You we employ a three-step process that will deliver results quickly and reliably.

Step One – Design

Once you give us the go-ahead we create some sample pages for your website, implement the basic menu structure and apply a design. All this is based upon your discussions with us so we cover your business requirements. We will work with your hosting provider if required and then make a draft website available for your review and comment. Any changes to the design are then made, or a completely new one applied, until you are satisfied.

Step Two – Content

Now we have the basic structure and design of your new website right, we complete the words, media content such as images and videos, and detailed configuration of the site. Once again this draft is made available for your review and comment. Final changes are made until you are ready for the site to go-live.

Step Three – Go-Live

We will change all the necessary settings for your site to go-live and inform you when it is done. We will list your site with Google, Bing and Yahoo so your customers can easily find you and finally we hand over a package of all the details needed for you to maintain and enhance your web presence over time. (Of course we are happy to do this for you too at a reasonable fee.)

To get started, just get in touch and we will guide you through every step of the way, at your pace.